Written thougts of an indecisive nobody

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Im honestly just a guy.

as much as said that I’m different and special, i swear to god I’m really not.

when i tell u that i love you, and i miss you…my heart skips, my breath stops and my stomach feels light.

its because I’m lying..so when i said i love you, all those things happen because, my heart stops beating. My Lungs stop Breathing, and my stomach wants to throw it all up.

i can’t love, I’m incapable, without you, i can live forever, ur just there for the title. girlsfriend, wtf????

This fairy tale of finding the right one is like saying Santa was the one who left the lights on. thats kid stuff..

no heres where it gets complicated…what i can offer you is never ending tears, long days of fighting, rough nights of arguing, headaches, heartbreaks and everything else.

im not meant for that lifestyle but for some reason i still pretend like i want to be happy..

im a f*ckhead, and my point in life is to f*ck up everything good that comes my way, friends family, relationships and opportunities.

day by day i become more n more aware of that, day by day i become more n more used to it..

the idea of f*cking up on a daily basis and blaming no one but myself…no excuses no lies, or fake stories to make up…

now get this contradiction…

if what i am saying is true, then for me to be happy, i have to deal with the fact that i have to be unhappy.

hmm, there goes my life.

5 thoughts on “Written thougts of an indecisive nobody”

  1. i’m sorry. it’s an honest mistake.
    i’m supposed to type “U” instead of “A”
    OK, you’re a guy.

    what’s with the profanities?
    is that words makes you feel better being a guy?
    it’s annoying to read it in a poem.

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