Her Heart

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A long time ago, so sad and unknown,
A girl sat, staring, unseeing, out her window,
Tears falling, so silently, streaking, down her cheek,
Remembering, living, old, never-to-be-forgotten memories,
Sitting by the window, hand up against the glass,
eyes glossy, her eyes no longer dance,
Her heart was once whole, beating, alive,
But now her heart is gone, dead, iced over, so cold,
One thought always constantly within her mind,
One thought that shall never, ever, be answered,
The wanting to know, it’s so deep, it’s now a burning desire,
but it’s a worthless desire, because she will never know,
Never know why he’d hurt her so,
So by the window she sits, in her shirts and jeans,
tears streaking down her face, while she remembers things,
Things that should never be remembered, for oh, how they hurt her,
Things that tear at her very soul, things that tear her apart,
Day after day, you’ll find her there, sitting by the window,
eyes unseeing, yet her mind so alive,
Day after day, you’ll see all those tears fall

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