I’m sorry

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If I knew it would be the last time
that I’d see you fall asleep
I would tuck you in more tightly
and pray the Lord
your soul to keep
If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door
I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more
If I knew it would be the last time
I’d hear your voice lifted up in praise
I would video tape each action and word
so I could play them back day after day
If I knew it would be the last time
I could spare an extra minute
to stop and say “I love you,”
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do
If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day
Well Im sure you will have so many more
so I can let just this one slip away

For surely there’s always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight
and we always get a second chance
to make everything just right

There will always be another day
to say “I love you,”
And certainly there’s another chance
to say our “Anything I can do?”

But just in case I might be wrong
and today is all I get
I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone
young or old alike
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight

So if you’re waiting for tomorrow
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes
you will surely regret the day

That you didn’t take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone
what turned out to be their one last wish

So hold your loved ones close today
and whisper in their ear
Tell them how much you love them
and that you will always hold them dear

Take time to say “Im sorry,”
“Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” or “It’s okay.”
And if tomorrow never comes
you will have no regrets about today

67 thoughts on “I’m sorry”

  1. this poem is really good. After I finished reading it I sent a text message to my boyfriend saying how much I love him. Because your right we may no have until tomorrow

  2. I do not know your name, but Im sure this is one of the best poems I’ve ever read
    It made me think of all the times I thought tomorrow was a promise but its only a gift.
    My boyfriend and I had a fight the last time we talked which was a 2 weeks ago, because he is at camp and can only
    call twice a week and since that night he hasn't called or even sent a letter. I took to heart
    what you said and cannot wait to hug him and say Im sorry!!! Thank you for your work.

  3. Its difficult to show how much you love someone
    feelings can't be defined
    but …..ur poem defined each and every moment
    of love its really beautiful

  4. I would have to admit I’m crying this poem is amazing! Recently my life has been going down the drain and people I love are turning away from me. Your poem has made me think that things could be worse and to stop feeling so bad for myself! And you are totally right! You just never know!

  5. This poem really speaks to me i always thought that tomorrow would always come but it doesn't. When my grandfather was in the hospital back in september of 2004, I was supposed to go to see him that day but i didn’t i thought that he would be here TOMORROW but about nine o clock that night he died and i didn’t get to say goodbye or that i loved him and no i never will be able to and there is nothing i can do about it but this poem really describes how i feel about these things but i don’t have that chance anymore and will never have that chance again now that he is gone

  6. some people don’t think about that,people die everyday and we think it never could happen tell that person you love them hug them kiss them before its too late

  7. I wrote once but i really loved your poem sometimes you say things you didn’t mean or do something you didn’t mean but sometimes it really is too late butI will make sure to do everything your poem said.Im sorry for whatever made you write this poem good job god bless you,

  8. hey you didn’t write this poem its on anotha website
    u shouldnt do things like that…write something that
    comes from your heart okies people will love that coz
    that’s who you r and if they don’t stuff them your an amazing
    princess and don’t let others tell you any different
    love lots keep smiling love mandi xoxoxo

  9. Your poem is very touching. It's right, tomorrow is never promised. I wish I would have been able to read this a long time ago =) Good job!!

  10. omg i love this poem so much! its really good! It really does make you think how htings really are and how you should cherish your loved 1's as long as you live! If its alright w/ i'm gonna put this in my profile for aol because I think its sweet ! thank you for sharing!

  11. hey your poem was well IS awesome i liked it. It really got to me i wish there was always ppl that made us realize dat not everything can be taken for granted n well thank you it juzz makes me that much more of a better person! well keep on writing this things for not everyone has the talent. I know i sound older but im only 14 well got to go!

  12. hey well i love this poem its juzz so kul i love it but mot more than wut i love my man hellz yea but keep on writing things like this to help ppl out there tha need it well i knnow i sound all dumb but i juzz had to write something to let you know that you got talent.

  13. I love that poem. It's so sincere. But when I started to read
    it I realized that I’ve read it somewhere before! My ex-boy
    friend sent me that same exact poem in an e-mail. He told
    me to go to this one site for many more poems like that one.
    So when I did it had the authors name and it said for it not
    to be copywrited. My B-F had permission to send it to me.
    But its a great poem if you really wrote it! And Im mistaken.

  14. This was the most moving and heart touching poem I’ve ever read.
    you have great tellents in regards to poetry keep it up who ever you, may you touch every ones alses heart as you have done to mine!

  15. Wow… that was a good poem… im brianna and in a tight spot and i just wish i could of mad that you… but i didn’t well… its a really good poem and i really hope whoever wrote its very proud

  16. i really love this poem… a friend of my sisters died in a car accident and had this poem on her… everyone said she carried it aroun with her everywhere… i just wish her parents and her friends would have known it was the last time… RIP

  17. Your poem is good the reason why you never know
    what tomorrow will bring. so you have to tell them
    that you love them ever day just incase they will
    not be there tomorrow.

  18. i read this same poem to my boyfriend, the like 2 or 3 weeks later,
    he passed away. i cried for a long time. i still miss him today and
    it was 2 years ago.

  19. This is a really sweet poem and its very
    truthful because tomorrow is not promised to
    anyone it could be anyone's last day. Keep up the
    good work and keep inspiring people to do the
    right thing.

  20. Omg that was such a good poem it touched me and it made me cry and relize that i shuld fix things up with loved ones. thank you so much.

  21. Hey i don’t know what you name is or anything but this poem was awesome..my b/f recently made out with one of my so called “friends” and said that it just happened things like that don’t just happen..but i saw him the day b4 and i didn’t say i love you or anything and now we are over..but good poem i liked it

  22. as what your poem said that we don’t know what happens next, because tomorrow cannot be promise, what I've leaned is that until we have givin a change to show love , care and the truth we have to show it now. because tomorrow cannot be promise.

  23. I got this email of this poem and i didn’t read it untill a few days after i realised that my ex was a hoe i loved/love her so much i just want her 2 explain i was a cheater once also and she was the first one i was true to but i was such a d*** head i know why she probley did it …love you lil soja

  24. Hi ummm…. i think it was a great poems but its on alot of sites and it gets emailed to me every day

    Im a 14 f in
    my aol s/n is Savvy135798642

  25. hey! i loved your poem it was great the first time i
    heard the poem it really toched me by the end of
    the day i found it online and printed it so i could
    share it with all my friends and i wouldn’t be afraid
    to put my name as the author if i was you because
    it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  26. i think this is the most amazing poem I’ve ever read it talks so much about the way i feel and its true tommorow isn't promised to anyone so always tell the person you love how much they mean ever time you see them so that they'll no you loved them if anything was to happen to 1 of you don’t let a special person out of your life cos you no wot they say ” you don’t know how much you love someone untill there gone”

  27. this poem has so much meaning and i understand it so well as its true ! i always rite poems and most of them are like that becouse who nows wot will happen to morrow n if somthing duz and a person don’t no how you feel your left with guilt and you blame your self !! i love this poem keep it up xxxxxx

  28. its a very true and good poem… and if you wrote the poem
    you should always say you wrote it because you can change someone's life with the words you say

  29. i just recently had a friend committ suicide and this poem went and came straight from the heart. everything in this poem seemed to remind me of my friend and how his last couple days were spent. I’ve just come over the fact that he is gone and this poem helped me so alex: i love you and i will see you in the future bud.
    RIP:Alex thiele November 24,3005
    keep him in your prayers please!

  30. well from the other comments some ppl said that you copied if its true i don’t think copieing poems is greta but anyway i LOVE this poem it was great!!!

  31. omg this poem brought me to tears…i recently lost a good friend. If only i told her how much i loved her and how much she blessed my life.

  32. well this peom remins me so much of me when i was only 12 know i look at myself years have gone by an now im 15 if you would like read my poem “Im who i am don’t judge who you don’t kno i am who i am nd im not afraid, 2 show you all should, see i don’t hav to change i just have 2 b me hate it or love it i don’t really care
    im never gonna quit ndI will always b there i am who i am, you cannot hold me downI will fight nd get up andI will always b around
    hate it or love it
    m cuz it makes me fell like i do

  33. ok last year at my old school a girl gave me this poem and told me she wrote it. so you need
    to email me and tell me your name so i actuallt knows who wrote it. because trust me this poem is
    to good for someone to take credit it for it, if they didn’t write it. so you need to email me your name
    so i know who actually wrote it. but this is really good and i really like it! email me some of your other
    pomes! :)

  34. this poem is really good and i can so relate to it. it rlly makes you think about the one you love and it somewhat hurts to think that he might not be able to hold me one more again or kiss me, or tell me he loves me but after reading this it jus rlly gets into your head…..i love this poem

  35. that’s a really good poem….very good..im gonna let my boyfriend read it.
    u should send me some other poems or something so i can
    let my bf read them cuz im lookin for some poems to
    let him read or for me to write down..

  36. yes this is true i regret that i did not take that time 4 some whom i was very close to and now i regret that i did not take that 1 lil minute and say sorry,i love you, give a kiss,hug,or even thank you 4 every thing you have given me

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