Guarded Love

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The sun keeps on shining in the clear sky above
While you keep on guarding yourself from love
Eventually it will happen and you’ll fall
It is destiny you can’t overpass walking tall
Put yourself together, hold your heart
I’ve played my role, now it is your part

It happens once that we live and die
And I’m not willing to waste it in a lie
For so long I’ve been waiting from you a sign
Give it up, a chance of life.
I desperately want you to be mine.
Give it up, a chance of no strife.

Face down all your shallow fears
Laugh on your past wasted tears
Reach out the sun with your hand
Make out a difference from where you stand
Prepare to open your arms widely
Unleash your happiness, scream loudly

The night has finally come, as the moon has arisen
The sky has never been this clear, no clouds in the horizon
I’ll choose a star and give it your beloved name
As its shine my love won’t change, forever the same.

Your soul is just so pure
You’re in life for a tour
Push yourself to the limit
I’m sure you can endure
Never enter the butterfly effect
It will only leave you in defect
Believe in yourself and be sure
So you’ll never have any obscure
“comme je t’aime mon amour”

3 thoughts on “Guarded Love”

  1. Thank you for the comment, I agree with you for a certain extent, but I felt the need to say the last line and so I did, I believe poems are more about feelings, and I guess it rhymed well :) I hope to know your overall opinion about the poem :D

  2. It’s a hard task for me :-) As I re-read it, the last line sounds more necessary. Perhaps because I’m not “her” and I don’t know your story, there’s something mystical within it.

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