Lost Answers

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For so long
I’ve been waiting your home coming
now that you’re here
Things went wrong
I’m not feeling you that near
You’re more even far
than a million miles away star

You and me were lost in this world
Seeking for answers never found
Maybe that’s how it was set to be
We’re the answers, or can’t you see
Our heart beat is much more than a sound
listen to it, follow it, try flying on the ground

We’ve nothing to lose
Since there’s nothing to hold
Don’t waste another moment
There’s no more place to hide
Lets just take the chance
Winds of change are there
Lets hitch our destined ride

Hand in hand with love we can move mountains
Step into deserts we can flourish them by fountains

I care for you
More than I ever wanted to admit
and that’s complicated
You sent a wave of energy, trapped me and am still captivated
I’m falling for you
I’ve never thought I’d do

My ship is sinking
Into your bloody ocean
My heart is raging
My Love is aging
I’m still standing on its deck
Just stay,
Don’t disappear like sunset
Please forgive me and forget

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