What I Should See

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Can anyone show me that real love is true?
Not just a word one will say to you.
Not just a word to make someone have pride.
Not something one feels, when they just have lied.

People try to preach to me and tell me its there.
I tell them I want to see, show me where.
They tell me I will know, when I feel it in my heart.
I say I don’t have one, it had been torn apart.

I look one in their eyes and tell them to show me.
They tell me that they feel it, that I should see.
I don’t see anything, from within my eyes.
I feel that there is no love, it is just a bunch of lies.

One thought on “What I Should See”

  1. Ha, I actually think when someone passionately says he / she loves you, it’s not love, he / she doesn’t love you, but needs or wants you, however he / she didn’t lie, since at that moment, he / she did think he / she loved you and because he / she didn’t know at all what true love was.

    When someone truly loves someone else, he / she doesn’t actually say so to him / her. Love is not passion, needs, wanting or lust. Love is not possessing. Love is not “I cannot live without you”.

    Love is caring. Love is reflected in what a person has DONE for the other person. If you know the art of love, then you won’t get your heart broken.

    However, will we “love” someone who’s not attractive? Apparently, no, we’ll go for attraction and that’s where broken heart is from.

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