Being Quiet

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When I think about love, I have thoughts go through.
Is this really the stuff, that I want to do?
I think about the times, that we spent together.
Then I ask myself, “Do I want this forever?”
It makes me feel, that we were meant to be.
Can somebody just, explain this to me?
How can I feel like, I can’t live without her?
When we’re happy, and do things with each other.
One minute we’re happy, the next we don’t talk.
Is there something I did, or is this my fault?
Probably so, just wait and you’ll see.
Just watch, because it’ll all come back on me.
I’m good at this stuff, where it all falls apart.
Why do you think that, I don’t open my heart.
Because when I do, it hurts inside like hell.
I have to swallow my pride, and keep to myself.
I learn that’s the way, to live life today.
If not, people wouldn’t like what I say.

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