Hopes and Dreams

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As the past dwells upon me,
I think to myself.
About what I have done,
to everyone else.

I’ve made their hearts hurt,
and gave them beliefs.
I make myself give up,
and caused them all griefs.

I know that to me,
I have no reason.
I just face the facts,
and then I move on.

Who knows the way,
to fix the mistakes?
I think that there’s no way,
its just what you make.

Live life to the fullest,
the best way you can.
Not everyone is perfect,
just know where you stand.

We all make mistakes,
just know your limit.
Whatever you make of it,
is what you will get.

It just goes to show,
its not all what it seems.
We just have our hopes,
and all of our dreams.

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