Messed Up Fathers Day

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The day that goes to show you,
How much you mean.
The day that I wish,
I would have never seen.

The actions speak,
Much louder than words.
It really goes to show me,
What I am actually worth.

The ones that would have mattered,
To just call and say hi.
Didn’t even turn their heads,
When I tried to say good bye.

I guess that it’s okay,
I’m just another guy.
I’m sure that’s how it looks,
When I see it with their eyes.

What they don’t understand,
Is I WISH I would have known.
Then maybe all through life,
It wouldn’t have felt so alone.

So my life has all been,
Mistakes that I’ve made.
I’d made the wrong choices,
Now the price is being paid.

It makes my world dark,
There’s nothing to see.
There is only one thing left there,
All alone it’s just me.

Then I sit by myself,
With nothing more to say.
I put the gun to my head,

5 thoughts on “Messed Up Fathers Day”

  1. It not like that. I just found out I had kid(s). They’re 15 & 16 already. I’m not their “dad”. It would’ve been different if I would’ve known. But what do you do?

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