The Ride of Your Life

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Ever have a day that everything just blows?
Welcome to my world, every day is one of those.

As I open my eyes, stuff just goes to sh*t.
It gets normal after a while, I can’t make it quit.

One person says that its all a part of life, my friend.
I say that I don’t want it, let’s put it to an end.

Life is all about, the things we do or say.
We all go down the road, but choose our own way.

Our ways might not be right , but it gets us to the end.
How and when we make it there, is what will really depend.

9 thoughts on “The Ride of Your Life”

  1. this poem is realy good. i have a lot of days like that also, but i dont know really how to put it into words like you did. im excited to read more of your work.

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