Our Mistakes

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If we lower our standards, how low can we go?
If you sink too far, will anyone let you know?
How far down, is the bottom that we’ll touch?
When we get to the bottom, did we let it sink too much?
Is there any way back out, to get on our feet again?
Or do we just give up, and say we’ve reached our end?
Everyone has their standards, that they try not to break.
But it doesn’t always work, it depends on what you make.
That is when you just, face reality with a grasp.
Then you get the feeling, the end has come too fast.
We finally make it to, where it all will end.
This is where you find out, on who you can depend.
It shows the true colors, for everyone you know.
Who is your true friend, is really what will show.
Those that stand beside you, no matter what it takes.
Are the ones that will look past, all of your mistakes.

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