I am my only friend

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I give you this knife,
now stick it in my heart.
Make sure to twist it,
while it all falls apart.
Drive my head,
through the glass real hard.
Then I cut myself,
with every last shard.
As I bleed out all over,
again I start to feel.
I then start to believe,
that none of this is real.
Here is where you see,
what is at the end.
It is all quite a shame,
that I am my only friend.

3 thoughts on “I am my only friend”

  1. I must say, this poem really caught my attention! Your words are very to the point, and this is something I can picture happening. I read your poems, and you truly have a talent;) Although this poem is one of my favs!

  2. I can’t say I’m my only friend; there’re simply different kinds of friends. But you’re your best friend; that’s for sure, and I’m happy to find it out.

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