Sesquipedalian Fool

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*sigh* heavy, in deep remorse.
I made the worst mistake I can
A word too long. Emotions strong
She’s broken who I am

Eyes roll over in regret
Hands fall to the wooden floor
Just a game (she seems to know)
I made it so much more..

Where are we supposed to stand
You can’t stand how I behave
Wait ’till I become a man
Then push me into my grave

6 thoughts on “Sesquipedalian Fool”

  1. Emotions…It’s good you realized you should control it since you’re so young. I don’t realize how harmful it is until I’m so much older than you. I made mistakes and had regrets when I was much older than you :-)

    I have perfect good friends who lost control and turned to fires and monsters from charming prince and lovely lady. I also launched a war myself.

    You see, until we make huge mistakes and have huge regrets we don’t change.

    Now I appear calm because I train myself so. It’s not easy. In this way I keep my brain function.

  2. Hey, thought this a poem we’ve got to look at. I think the poem has that weight rarely carried by a short piece. And I am in love with the title.
    About the feelings, well, next time don’t be stupid
    And Min Min, love is the best position you can ever be in. what matters is , which kind of love??

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