A Four Lettered Word

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I thought I found, the one meant for me.
Who knew what we would feel, or what we would see?
The touch of her skin, and the smile that she shows.
As I whisper in her ear and tell her that she glows.
I look in her eyes, then I feel that I’m lost.
I gave all my heart, who knew what it would cause?

I still have my hopes, and all of my dreams.
But nothing ever works, the way that it seems.
I tell myself, every day that goes by.
Tell myself it’ll work, just give it a try.
It is said all the time, but rarely is it heard.
Love is just another, four letter word.

4 thoughts on “A Four Lettered Word”

  1. the saddest idea of men
    is finding the “one”
    we looked and hope someday it will come
    dazzling, beautiful and perfectly fit
    for someone we dream of
    but as years passes by
    we began to understand
    finding the one
    began at the moment
    we stop looking.

  2. Can I please borrow your poems sorry I can’t think of any and your poems just caught my eye and I’m in love with it its okay if you don’t want to but I’d be really thankful

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