What Did You See?

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Some people try to tell me, to let myself be free.
They say look in the mirror, it will show you what should be.
So I look in the mirror and what do I see?
Nothing, the only thing there, is me.
Maybe i was meant to be, all alone and nothing more.
Or i am just a f*cking mistake, that people just feel for?
I sit in a room full of people, and I feel its only me .
Nobody knows how i feel, only the things they see.
So i keep to myself, and never share at all.
Then nobody will ever know, what it was they saw.

One thought on “What Did You See?”

  1. We’re all lonely.

    I actually start to accept this. There’s no free lunch. Those enviable happy couples both parties did huge efforts to reach the point with luck.

    If you want to be understood then you should understand the other and if you want to get something then you’ll need to give and there’s no guarantee.

    There’re easily too many miscommunication and too fragile hearts. So, let’s accept the loneliness and enjoy it. When something extra unexpectedly arrives, it becomes a bonus.

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