Don’t Look

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Don’t open your eyes, you won’t like what you see.
The world has become nothing, just like you and me.
Now is the time, where all we have is dignity.

I have no feelings, not good, not bad.
I show no emotions, not happy, not sad.
I just live each day, remembering what I had.

We wilted away, throughout all the years.
Lived all through life, now we all face our fears.
We live every day, not knowing if death is near.

Once the day comes, then it’s too late.
This is the day, on which we all will wait.
For some it’s a tragedy, for others it’s great.

So just close your eyes, and don’t look ahead.
Don’t open them up, it’s worse than they said.
All hope is lost, this is the day we all dread.

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