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I’ve noticed over the past few weeks,
That I am not the same,
I am just another faceless person in a crowded hall.
There is nothing new to me,
Nothing new at all.

So, I will start to change that.
I will start to be different.
I will stand out,
And make my voice heard.
I will yell, scream, and shout.

I used to be an original.
I used to be my own brand.
I used to make it seem like everything was right,
And just like a star:
Light up the night.

I’ve been told that I’m awesome.
I’ve been told that I’m great.
But if you really knew me.
If you really saw,
But you don’t see.

If you had known me all my life,
From a baby ’til now.
You would know how different I am,
How I changed,
And became one of them.

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