Soul Ambition – Soul Recognition

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I don’t need what so-called religion
I’m in search for your recognition
I’m here standing my position
Having you by my-side is my soul ambition

I don’t care about the past
It was never meant to last
You hit me like a thunder blast
Ever since, my heart beats go fast

Just look into my eyes
Get me hypnotized
Gently hold my hand
Get me paralyzed
Whisper to my ears
Get me mesmerized

I’m sure my eyes would forgive me
For keeping them awake
I’m sure my lips would forgive me
for keep on calling your name
I’m sure my mind would forgive me
for keep on thinking about you
But I’m sure my heart won’t forgive me
if I ever had to let you go
I’m sure I’ll never forgive myself
if I ever let go of wanting you

I wish I can go back in time
to tell you from the beginning
“your the sun rising upon my days”
I wish time would stop for a lifetime
to keep you by my-side,
cz “I can’t live without your rays”

Although I haven’t tried
I can’t get you off my mind
After all I don’t want to even try
But to keep on giving my best
Always keep in mind:
“you’re so special and unlike the rest”


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