The Last Poem

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I pushed her hair away from her face

She slept for hours

It was even colder than before

Shuddered in the darkness


Staring, hoping for her to get well

All through my life she stood by my side

Every time I fall telling me it would be alright

Just get up and start to fight


Tears fall as I’ve watched the sky

Calling her name almost every night

Asking God why she took her away by my side

Now I’m alone in the coldest of the night


Do you still remember?

When we had our first tea together

We sat along the river and talked like forever

Not a care in the world as long as we’re together


You made me stop smoking

Although I pop a few cigarettes

While you were sleeping

Ok, I admit drink a bit too when your snoring


Like the last red streaks of sunset

Little by little you fade without goodbyes

Oh, how I miss the way you smile

Even today, I’m wishing you survived


I wandered in my darkness agony

For life once I lived filled with cruelty

Like a bag of tea hanging at the edge everyday

And for that, I am very truly sorry


I want you to know

Even do you’re no longer here

I kept my promise every morning

To write poems even do it doesn’t rhyme


Now, our child is growing up

Good looking and very much healthy

I told him stories about you and me

And how you lived your life yesterday


Even he just smiled at me

And says waaddahhh dohhdohh

I know he misses you

So much more than I do


It’s been years now

My hands got tired in doing so

It doesn’t mean I’m cheating you

No one can replace the real you


You know how much I loved you

But every sunset comes a new sunrise

And at the end of our rainbows

I must learn to grow and to let you go


My last poem is forever yours

For this heart of mine

Must belong to someone new

Goodbye my love.

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