A girl named Destiny

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“How can my life be so cruel and so not goddamn fair??” –

– A thought in my head as I’m looking through window in despair.

My eyes of imagination go through every building or tree,

To spot a girl that will spend the rest of her life with me.

She may be talking, at the moment, to one of her friends,

Or sunbathe so calmly on the red hot beach sands,

Studying very hard to one day become the best of teachers,

Or on a meadow gentle sunbeam strikes her perfect face feature.

Taking good care of her body, working out, riding a bike.

But above all else, I hope she is doing something she likes.

On the other hand, however, she may be in huge pain,

And get caught without umbrella in a very heavy rain.

Her heart may be crying, seeing no salutary way,

But there will come a day, despite what others say,

That our ways will meet and I’ll brush her tears away.


About what I am thinking, she may be thinking right now, too,

Or she is reading this poem… I may be writing about YOU…

4 thoughts on “A girl named Destiny”

  1. A poem which would be loved by every SINGLE person around here but obvious who are still singles ;) and I am sure the people who are in a relationship might have enjoyed reading too… Your poem was voice to millions over there who could not put such beautiful words together in order to express the feelings for their dream girl. But you did and I hope your dream girl would have read it too and I am sure it will make her smile :) .

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