The reason why I exist to live

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There are things in life that are so precious
so precious you can’t take your eyes off
so precious you don’t want to lose
just seeing you and thinking of you
makes you one of the precious thing I don’t wanna lose
love slowly grows
keeping me alive
keeping my insanity
developing a deeper meaning to life why I chose to live
giving reason to my existence
making me feel alive
how I long to hear your voice
how I long to feel your embrace
how I long to feel your kiss
your gentle caress slowly touching my skin
I feel contentment in me
warmth inside my being
love overpowers me
love that is slowly growing
I cannot hope to lose you
I dare not to lose you
for the very meaning of my existence will be gone…
washed in the flow of water
carried over in the wind…
love that will never be broken even the darkest of hour
even the hardest of challenges
love for you slowly developed from within me

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