State of Being

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Can’t really explain where I’m at now.
Can’t really explain what’s happening to me.
I’ve seemed to hit a soft spot.
A place that caught me when I fell.
It’s almost like a sort of purgatory.
It’s almost a bit like hell.

It’s a nothing sort of feeling.
It’s a dreamlike sort of state.
Like I’m in my own nightmare,
I try to keep running,
But it’s all pointless.
I just can’t move fast enough.
The world away from it seems like such a mess.

It’s like there are pillows floating at my head,
Blocking all the bad things.
It’s stopping me from hurting,
Like cottonĀ on my feet.
I would invite my friends,
But there’s nowhere we could meet.

I’m caught in an endless cycle.
There is no light at the end of theĀ tunnel.
There is no burning sensation.
It’s like I’m in a horror movie.
One that’s completely PG.
No carnage,
No pain,
No death,
Just me.

And I like it.

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