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My cuts are getting deeper

The blood is dripping down

My friends try to stop me

But I just don’t know how

Friends attempting suicide

If they go I go

So much is happening

My thoughts are sunken low

I miss the one who left

I can’t believe he’s gone

I want to go to him

I’m sure it won’t take long..

I’m tired of life

But scared of death

But as I watch the blood run

I gain courage

I can’t tell right from wrong

Nor up from down

Just because I’m smiling it doesn’t mean I’m happy

I try to cry for help through this poem

Who can help me?

Will someone try?

I don’t know what to do…

I want to end my life.

After all,

If I die today, who will even remember me tomorrow?

6 thoughts on “Honesty”

  1. I’m sure we care about some people and some people also care about us; just that those some people might not be the same people. You might find those whom you care about don’t care about you as you do, but do you know some people care about you more than you do?

  2. Somebody will remember you forever…. coz loveisloney is here to stay and your words stay on here forever.
    And hey!!! we care coz we wake up every morning to raise our spirits with your eye- opening lines.
    You’re awesome JENNNNN

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