When does it end?

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Have you seen?
A mother sold her daughter
For a piece of warm meal

Have you seen?
A father raped his own daughter
Before he sold it on the street

Have you seen?
A woman carrying her new born child
Sleeping on the street and had nothing to eat

Have you seen?
A woman tortured and got shot by a gun
For selling drugs without remittance

Have you seen?
A child offering you a one night stand
For a dollar or single hit of cocaine

Have you seen?
What people have become
When they lost their faith
They were grown in endless greed

So, tell me my friend
When do nightmares end?

3 thoughts on “When does it end?”

  1. Since you mentioned nightmares and asked when they would end I comment on here but the comment is not on this poem. This poems is sincere and compassionate.

    As for the nightmares I was referring to something else. Nightmares are what you’ll have when you sleep and what’re worse than reality. If you live in a better reality, you should wake up from nightmares. Well, they were the comments on “What is Love”!

    The nightmares in your poem are realities. It’s easy to wake up from nightmares than to change the realities.

  2. Errand: losses (lost) plural form (they) verb should be singular
    and lot more mistakes need editing, oh, foolish me publish it right away hehe!

    yeah, about nightmares
    you were right it’s easy to wake up
    from nightmares than to wake up
    in a dream of changing our realities…

  3. yes its a sad world and the thing is we can’t change it completely.its frustrating what the world became.its a strong poem.

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