Thank You For A Wonderful Year

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Thank you my friend for a wonderful year…You just made it the best

You are like one of the best friends I ever had!

You made me laugh and smile so much!

You were funny while I just stood there laughing

You always made the jokes while everyone laughed

All of my friends had said things that were so funny

But me…I wasn’t quite the person to say anything funny

I swear you can make anyone laugh!

Your just so funny and nice

I swear I can’t find another friend who’s like you

Thank you for making this a wonderful year

I thought it was gonna be horrible like last years…

But you became my friend and I thank you for that..

You never left me after half of the year like some people did

You stayed my friend and really just thank you for that

If I was sad you wanted to know so bad why I was you wanted to help

None of my friends was like that over the past years

You actually helped me with my problems!

I don’t know if we’ll be friends next year…

We’ll just see..

Keep in touch with me!

And thank you for a wonderful year!

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