For All You Jerks Out There

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For all you jerks out there I have a question for you…

Why must you hurt us girls really

Is it just to see us weak? Too see us cry? Too see us get on our knees and beg?

You know what a lot of us girls are just sick of it!

What are you trying to do?

Do you do this just to make you feel like a man?

Well guess what…It may work for you

But that’s so not how you become a man…

If you break our hearts just to feel strong

All it’s gonna do is show a bunch of people what a jerk you are

Some of you break our hearts for another girl!

It just disgusts me it’s so not cool…Other boys shouldn’t worship you

The boys may be like “Man that’s awesome!”

But to us girls we’re like “He is such a jerk I feel bad for who’s gonna date him next”

For you jerks out there

One day we girls will become strong once again!

And we will so take you down!

Once we take you down…

Will you still feel like a man?

Huh? Tell me that!

It disgusts me that some of you dump your girlfriend for some other girl

It so disgusts me if you dump a girl just to feel like a man!

It disgusts me that most of you ignore us most of the time!

It disgusts me if you use us!

This poem is for the jerks out there!

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