I’m Not Taking You Back

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I’m sorry but I’m not taking you back

You broke my heart a long time ago

And I thought I would never love again

Then I met this boy and well I guess we just fell in love…

When you broke my heart I thought “I’m always gonna love you and no one else.”

But now…I don’t love you

I don’t hate you either

I just…Dislike you

You left me for my best friend

But I never hated her for dating you…

If she liked you then okay whatever

I was happy for her…Her not you

You told her you loved her and she loved you too

Then you found out I have a boyfriend so you dumped my best friend for me!

Now your begging for me to take you back

You said you made a mistake…

Well guess what

It wasn’t a mistake and I’m not taking you back

I’m sorry but you broke my heart…And someone fixed it

I’m not breaking theirs just for you…

You a jerk…

So good luck getting another girlfriend

And it’s best you don’t keep on begging…

Because I’m not taking you back!

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