When he is gone

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I miss him

No matter what I will always have this tugging feeling in my heart

He touched my heart with a single kiss and a simple “I love you”

Sometimes I think things will go back to the way they used to be

His hand in mine…my eyes in his…my lips could touch his once more with purpose

As it has always been

That things didn’t have to go as they went

That he could tell me it was all a nightmare

That he’s here to stay

And that none of those was true

That he still misses me

That he loves me as he always did

That his feeling never changed

But that was all “once upon a time”

Sometimes I think more than I should about finding the right person

I think about the many memories that lie within my journal…within me

Stories of “Dos Enamorados”

El amor no se puede olvidad siempre queda gravado

Y yo siempre lo amare

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