Is He Really the One?

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I’ve met many boys who were jerks
And well my friend set me up with this one boy
I thought he was gonna be another jerk
Turns out he actually cares about me and any of my other friends
Many of the boys I’d been with said they loved me but they all left me
This boy also said he loved me but I believe him
My friend thinks I finally find someone who won’t leave me
I believe that too and really hope so
He cares about me a lot, he’s really nice and funny
And he loves me and well…
I love him too
But I still wonder…Is he really the one?
Someone please tell me…Is he really the one?

3 thoughts on “Is He Really the One?”

  1. i honestly think Rs the onee twin (: but i agree with Karen, just be careful <3 and well you've set me up with a million guys i though i'd return the favor (:

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