A Fool in Love with You

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Wise men say only fools fall in love

I took a chance on love

I couldn’t help falling in love with you

You were my first love and I was yours

If I could have seen what would become of this…

Alive I would be, not dead with grief over a fallen love

I felt so alive in that moment when we reached a feeling of ecstasy

A feeling unlike any other

I took your hand with a feeling of hope

Hope, I sought out from the dark

To break free from being so alone and isolated from everyone

You sought out the same

We were both so innocent, so young, and with the help of cupid’s arrow…

That night we intertwined with a song of love and my friends help

We merged as one at the Valentine’s dance

You held me so tenderly I melted inside

I couldn’t help but wonder someday you will be the death of me

And now that must be it…must be why I beg God to take my life and resurrect it once more in a life that wants to survive

I had you but I pushed you away

I didn’t know how to keep it together between you and I

I couldn’t know!

Constant fighting with your best friend over your attention became unbearable

I wanted you to hear me out I wanted you to LISTEN!

To listen and hear that you hurt me when you chose him over your love

He was always there when you fell but when I fell I had NO ONE!

No one to cheer me up, no one to support me, no one to tell me it’ll be okay he wasn’t worth your tears that you cry, and no one was there to tell me I love you…

I had no one I was alone for many years I suffer in silence forever more I’ll die in silence

This is my last goodbye to you…

2 thoughts on “A Fool in Love with You”

  1. Hi Karen,

    He’s not as bad as you think. He values his best friend over girlfriend. It’s understandable. I would value my best friend over a boyfriend too. It’s a choice for you to date with someone who values his best friend over girlfriend or with someone who values girlfriend over best friend.

    Thinking that no one cares about you is what makes you unhappy and you know the truth that some people care about you which you should notice. There’re many more things other than dating.

    When he promised you he’s sincere but when things happened he couldn’t make it. When you said goodbye to him you meant it but you still loved him. The same theory. He didn’t lie; he just couldn’t make it.

    Learn the art and wisdom to make yourself happy but not to stay in the unhappiness.

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