Saying goodbye to yesterday

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Yesterday’s memories

Yesterday’s tears

Yesterday’s “I love you”

They all belong to yesterday

The will to turn back what was written in stone cannot be reversed

He told me he loved me

He told me “I’m sorry I miss you, please let’s get back together. I won’t make the same mistakes again. I have a plan to see each other every day and kiss.”

I looked into him I saw the sincerity in his words

Who was I to know he told another lie?

I love him so but my friend was right “he’ll break your heart til there’s nothing more to break.”

I gave him the word not be together because he always put his friend first

I’ve heard of best friends that are always there for you but this was enough

I’m here you know I need you too! (my tears fall, fall, fall, fall)

I will never be happy as long as I still see him

I want to leave forever and never come back

He wouldn’t care anymore

The way he loved me like crazy was yesterday’s memory

I cry forever more till the end of my life

What can I do when I’m still a fool in love?

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to yesterday”

  1. Wow, this poem is amazing. He doesn’t deserve you, I’ve done this to, I keep going back to the guy that I love so much and he keeps hurting me too. I hope that you find a guy that deserves someone like you. :)

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