Does he even see me?

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I walk by him everyday and I smile and give a little wave

But all he does is just walk past laughing with his friends

I want to know if I’m invisible to him or visible

In class I sit way in the back and he sits in front of me

But not a single word

I want him to see me so bad

I try so many times I say hi

I say his name

But I get nothing!

I’m getting desperate for him to see me

My friends say it’s not worth it

He’s just a guy and there’s a lot more other guys in our school

And I know that but I feel like I have to be with him

Hopefully one day he will talk to me

All I want to know is just that…

Does he even see me?!

3 thoughts on “Does he even see me?”

  1. I am sure he does see you, perhaps he is just to shy to say hi. Everything happens with a purpose and on its own time.When the time is right it will happen.Just hang in there and don’t loose hope

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