Goodbye class of 2011

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Goodbye my dear class of 2011
Let me say a few words before you move on
I want to thank you for this wonderful year
It will be a year I will never forget
I know lots of you will do great things with your talent
Some of us don’t want to leave
We want to go back to the very first day
But…We all have to move on with our lives
Most of you I shall see next year
And little of you I won’t
Have a great year next year
Our year ended with hugs and tears
And that day was hurtful
And to me it will be a day I shall never forget…
Let me say once more…
Thank you class of 2011
For giving me a wonderful year
I won’t forget any of you…
Goodbye Class Of 2011

3 thoughts on “Goodbye class of 2011”

  1. This is so sad, it is always sad when we have to say goodbye.I am sure that they will remember you as you will remember them

    1. Hi Jazz @jazz, this fits your roller coaster theory. Even the finest feast comes to an end as long as it starts. Sometimes we can reunite. Actually everything changes next second. When we grow up the little “us” is gone as well.

      So perhaps when we view things as good memories we could be happier and could cherish more every second of present moment since it’s coming and leaving every second and since we’re building beautiful memories.

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