Little Things

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In one’s mind the biggest insults don’t mean anything

They sometimes mean everything

When you have been insulted for a playful reason or a fight

They can be the reason for someone’s depression

They can be the reason they will never see the light of day again

They can be the difference between life and death

But the ones that make the most impact are the ones never spoken by the people who we never knew could hurt us the most

An insult here or there is something most commonly heard across the world

When we stop and ponder, what comes out of each and every one of our mouths

Can be the difference between a lie and the truth that we choose to believe

When is it ever ok for someone to afflict someone else with punishment?

A simple “I hate you” hurts a thousand times to a person who has nothing left to give…nothing more to lose

All the joy is sucked from their eyes

They have nothing more to live for but broken sorrows that are fairly overused

How much more can one person take?

I’ve known so many but the one that I wish didn’t go through this is my boyfriend…

My classmates…my friends…my own family people that don’t know him at all shun him away and throw insults toward his broken heart

I can never mend him like I would like to

I can never make a difference if I can’t have your help…

Reach out to those with nothing more to give….

One more tear shed is another life not worth losing

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  1. This is so truthful and so powerful I can feel your words right here in my heart and i do not know what to say although i have so many words but the feeling is the strongest and i want to thank you for writing this because i know how it feels to be insulted it can bring a person down to their last

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