Special Love

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I’ve never really understood
Nor thought it could be real
For the special love you’ve shown
Can’t be measured in distance nor in time

Each moment with you
Seems timeless and filled with hope
You give me life and indeed
You are my life forevermore

No matter what, no matter where
All I ever hoped and prayed
Is for us to be always together
From this day until our next journey
For I belong to you and you
Were destined to be with me

4 thoughts on “Special Love”

  1. Hey, i really really like…no.. really really LOVE your poem.. it touch me somehow. I remember that feel to the man I can’t fall in love with. it’s so nice.. I also write poems.. hope you can teach me how and tell me whats wrong with mine..


  2. i love it 2. its really good. i rite poems 2.

    heres mine.

    i see wut she says as nothing
    i hear wut she shows as crud
    i wonder wut is rong with me
    then i see
    i don’t love her
    she loves me but i don’t love her
    i have love 4 yet another girl
    and yet i still have feelings for her

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