Gone Away

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I would kill and I would fight to keep you close to me

I can’t breathe when you cry

I won’t live if you died

What will I do when I have nothing more to give?

I only have my love to offer you

What do you think?

Is it what you wanted or is it just futile?

I seek your answer

When I don’t hear your voice I go through withdrawal from everything you are

I can’t seem to notice how grateful I should be that you do love me

But I know deep inside my heart aches with sorrow of the future

You will eventually throw me away and love another

I can’t keep my false hope up for you to be there forever like you promised

I need to hear you say those words

Those words that mean so much “I promise you”

4 thoughts on “Gone Away”

  1. i know :( i need help wit something…he asked me out again and he hurt me so many times before and he expected me to say yes and i’m confused cause my friends know he destroyed me emotionally but i still love him :*( wat can i do?

  2. just give him a chance to prove himself maybe he will always love you and not take another but i do understand that only the future can tell so just hang in there i wish you all the beast

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