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(Boom-ba boom)
The steady music your heart makes when I lie beside you
The warmth our bodies create encircles the very meaning of love
Your entire being creates electrifying love that sparks me up with intoxication
I embrace your very touch
Containment explodes into liberation
Touch becomes valuable
I seek your love to hold
Your lips touch mine I melt into bliss
Bliss becomes pleasure
I can’t tell you how much you mean to me

You tell me “I love you so much”
I crave those words and they encrypt into my skin
Your laugh surrounds me with a million joys
Your smell fills me with a sweet reminder of innocence
Your eyes pierce me with a reminder of the sorrow we both know all too well
The sweetest taste I ever had comes from your love
As I lie beside you, your lips form the sweetest words “I love you”

4 thoughts on “Beat”

  1. It is a lovely poem it is how I feel with my love since the start up to now and it has been almost 8 years so I truly hope you will feel this way for a long long time or lets just say until the end of time

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