Forest of Love

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What is love?
I heard people fell in love.
I heard people they’ve always been loved.
Then, I heard that people never received love.

What is love?
All emotions come at one point.
But, all emotions just flow by knowing being loved.

I heard love’s supposed to feel great.
But what kind of love?
There are lots of love depending on what you’re talking about.

What’s the true meaning of love?
Or is there no meaning at all?

I heard that true love comes from God.
Is that true?
If it is…
Then why do we sometimes seek fake love?

What does love truly mean?
Is true love always being inside us all along?
Or was true love never there?

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5 thoughts on “Forest of Love”

  1. Yeah, apart from the meaning of life I’m also thinking about the meaning of love :-) I can see you’re a thinker too.

    Yes, what is true love? Is the feeling between lovers truly “love” at all when what we read is Depressing Heartbroken Hurt Suicide?

    I’m not sure who invented the word “love” when it refers to dating. It took me decades to realize that the true love must grow with time, long time, with hardship shared together and until then it was just attraction and desire and when people lost the one they’re attracted to “love” can turn to hate immediately.

    I’m sorry it is not love at all. And I think what interests people is actually attraction but not love.

  2. Love is something pure,true,honest,powerful,caring,sweet besides everything else.i hope you will find its feeling and meaning

  3. People have shyed away from this topic; they either assume they know it or don’t wanna feel bad about being in it. At last somebody challenges cupid’s wit.

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