Lost Friends

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I lost you guys.

I miss you.

You were making fun of me,

And I couldn’t take it anymore.

I let you guys go.

Was it a mistake?

I’m so confused!

I wish we were still friends.

Now that you guys are gone,

I feel like out of place.

I feel like I have no purpose going to school anymore.

I only come to see you guys everyday.


I lost my friends Nellie and Marilene because they were making fun of me. Nellie usually always does so I thought it would be best to let them go as friends, but now I miss them so much! :'( Nellie if your reading this I miss you.

3 thoughts on “Lost Friends”

  1. I lost my friend too, ive known her since grade 2 and her parents decided we cant talk anymore, so i know how you feel.. but everything happens for a reason, and who knows! if you stick it out, better friends WILL come around (:

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