I Escaped

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I cannot take this no more
The lies the pain the thought of myself
I just want to hide deep inside myself
where nobody will look

All the fairy tales say once upon time~
Deep down inside there I was confused
Never wanted to come out
Inside my wall I put up years ago
and no one noticed I escaped

No one gets me
they say I’m still here but how can they know
when all they see’s my body never inside my soul

Nothings wrong~ if you don’t ask
I may look happy during the day
but I cry myself to sleep at night
No one knows no one cares
My body’s still here but I ran off a long time ago
with my soul and my heart

Please just look and you will see what’s left of me
Look deep into my eyes past the hope that I once had past the hurt
and look deep deep inside and you will see I left,
because what was once inside is empty

Can’t you see??

I escaped.

18 thoughts on “I Escaped”

  1. Hey Nicole whoever you are i like your poem cuz it relates to
    me and i believe almost all
    of us have been where you are now or where you were!
    A few weeks ago i was ready to give up
    when my good friend stepped in and realised
    something was wrong! She told me to get rid of
    everything bad or anything that makes you angry
    in your life. So I did and now im so much happier!
    Try to start focusing on the lil things in life or maybe
    in your case whatever its maybe you need to focus away from the small things and start thinking larger!
    Whatever its it'll pass! Don’t give up hope it’s the only thing you need!

  2. hey i kno how you fill iwent though the same thing,i always thought no 1 kared and
    they did but if you ever need to talk im here even if i don’t kno you .sometime
    its good to talk to people who has been though it,all
    im sayin is I’ve been down the same road as you and still in it and i kno how
    u feel so if you need a friend im here well i g2g goodbye
    love danielle

  3. this is definitely one of the best poems that i've read on this site you seem to be a very deep person and it seems like you're going through some really hard times. believe me i know how that’s…but it's important 2 not put up a shield that blocks you from this world…even though it seems kind of sucky right now, someday hopefully, it'll get ten times better.

  4. hey nicole, i don’t know you but the poem you wrote is really deep…
    i know how it feels to be like that coz my soul escaped too!! and tell
    me I’ve been living my life a hell… yeah, the poem really suites me!

  5. i think this poem is amazing and you need to continue expressing your feelings..the best poems come from all the hurt and pain that everyone has to keep inside..and i love reading how other people are feeling

  6. Hey whts u, i relly liked these poem alot, i feel the same, but everyday i fell worser and worser
    i like the part were you say that you cry youre self at night, every night that’s wht I do to, I was
    just reading all the comments and they all say that they feel the same, but I think they just say that
    just 4 the heck of it but no one knows how you n me feel even though I don’t know u.

  7. Iknow how it feels to escape and have nobody notice or care,
    but it's a very moving poem. I like it alot. thank you for sharing it
    with the rest of us.

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