Hard Times

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School gives me so much stress.

Sometimes I just want to quit.

I know it will help me get my dream job,

But sometimes it drives me to the edge.

Sometimes the people at my school,

Say some really bad stuff.

It once drove me to almost commiting suicide.

Why can’t school be easier!?!

Why won’t my parents let me leave the school!?!?

Good thing is…I’m going to high school next year.

Bad thing is….Most of the kids from this school is going there.

:/ Gosh. Help me.

6 thoughts on “Hard Times”

  1. I know how you feel and it’s just hard to leave them alone when they are saying things about you. Don’t let them get to you when it hits that point. You will eventually make it through. I promise! -.^

  2. Hi Faye, why do you care about other’s bad words? They have nothing to do with you. Let them say and you can choose not to listen to.

    They say bad words since they’re not happy and the reason can be that they’re jealous or some other uglier reasons. I don’t even want to know those ugly reasons.

    Do you know why they say? Because they know you care. If you don’t care, they won’t waste time.

    Be confident. If you’re confident, you would laugh at them.

  3. Really hopethat you were able to fix the stress that was created at your school! Good luck in high school and hope you find friends who make you happy and make school fun rather than stressful!

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