Long to know you more

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It was the moment when time seems to pause for awhile,
I was dazzled and taken for what I had witnessed,
feeling weak and defenseless against your lovely face
and timeless precious smile,
oh dear you take my breath away.
I had tried a thousand times trying to ignore you,
make you feel not being noticed nor admired,
avoiding every longed moment and opportunity
to have just a glimpse of you
but somehow again,
I was being conquered by your amazing passion in life,
and leaving me helpless of not loving you.
We became friends,
even thought in reality I never know who you really are or
what I may end up if gamble my tired and lonely heart
to someone as mysterious as you,
fears slowly creeping deep inside for Im afraid
that the beauty you had shown will one day just disappear.
I wish I could easily untie my heart from my horrible past,
Im confused and frightened for the truth is
my soul longed to know you more,
where heart beats faster its time you are near.
Yes, I do desire of being with you all the time,
dreaming to hold your hand and kiss your tender lips,
and if I had one last wish before I die
I would rather spend it a day with someone as beautiful as you.

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