Take this symbol of my love

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Take this symbol of my love that has begun and never ends,

While on this day we intertwine the meshes of our lives.

For these past years we have made a love with every square,

We have a quilt of past and present, threaded to endure.

A future we will stitch together, new squares to combine,

Our love began a while ago and continues through all time.

One thought on “Take this symbol of my love”

  1. Again a beautiful poem from you, I feel so glad when I see people who are in so much into love and when they like to share their feelings with the art of writing skills. You are so good in expressing your thoughts and not all are blessed with this amazing skill. I don’t know but when your poems make me remember my good old days that once I had. :) Thanks so much for sharing your feelings with us. Please share more. :) I will be very happy to read. :)

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