We are close in many ways

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We are close in many ways

We are too hard to define

Our ways are alien to all

But it is ours to refine


With every passing day

Strength in our love grows

In our looks and actions

It obviously shows


I have loved you always

And for you I will bid

For every new tomorrow

I will love as I always did

One thought on “We are close in many ways”

  1. You are really blessed to have a person with whom you can feel so complete and happy. Not everyone are so lucky like you, touchwood. ;). Loving someone and being loved by someone is such a great feeling, I would say it is the best feeling one can ever feel in their life, no matter how much money we earn, but, at the end of the day when we don’t have that one person to love us, to care for us, we would feel so empty and incomplete. To be loved we have to learn to love first and with you that thing is perfect and that’s the only reason you are feeling the closeness in so many ways. :)

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