Towards a new goal..

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Situations are always hunting me
i couldn’t find my way out
things will go worst if this continues..
don’t know how to handle all these
but everything is just waste of time
i have a long way to go
and i know there are very many things
much things that i can do
just to show this world that
someone like me ..lived here
and so getting prepared myself
to face every no’s and yes’s
towards a new goal
and i know, i am not alone
my love is always there for me..

One thought on “Towards a new goal..”

  1. Life is all about facing everything with courage and determination, the people who learnt these can achieve anything. I would urge everyone to take every no’s and yes’s with a smile. It was an inspiring read and I hope people take this seriously and actually start working towards a new goal … thanks for sharing!

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