You were Always There in Me

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How many days and how many nights

don’t even know in how many ways

i missed you my love

its hard to believe that we are apart

apart in all sense..

every day i would wake up from my sleep

and would search if you were by my side

coz always i felt you around me

i could feel your breath near me

i could smell your sweat on me

i heard you whisper “love you”

but  alas! when i woke up

i felt the reality..that it was a dream

a dream that lasted for seconds

but still i hope..that one day

one day we will be together and me forever….

One thought on “You were Always There in Me”

  1. Annaaaammooo….! I misss u…! Always nd forever i was near u….

    I could feel ur heartbeats,
    I kept u warmth in my arms,
    that you could smell my sweat on you,
    I just hugged you close to me,
    that you could sleep warm and tight,

    I prayed to all gods,
    Set us off all Sunrises,
    that i could be with you,
    feeeling your presence all the time,
    But even Gods didnt turn up,
    It was another morning yet again…

    As you woke up,
    I vanished, and you could feel me everywhere,
    you then searched for me everywhere,
    and couldnt find anywhere,
    but i could see you everytime
    Coz i’m around you everywhere…

    Even then i prayed to God,
    Make it night, so that i can be with you,
    Hugging you all night,
    feeling your presence,
    but even then i pray to God,
    Not to wake us up by sunrise…. </3

    Misssss you…. nd Love you sooo madly…!

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