Your turn to hurt

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When I first saw you,
I thought you were too good to be true,
The innocent look in your eyes,
Made me realize I loved you,
For days I acted perfect to see if you liked me too,
You started flirting and I thought,
It must be too good to be true,
And it was,
Who ever thought some one like you could hurt me so bad,
I saw you flirting with other girls,
I didn’t know what to do,
I loved you,
We became friends and I was so happy,
But one day you told me you hated me,
That very moment my heart shattered,
I wanted to cry,
But not in front of you,
So I ran home,
And that night I cried a million tears,
I hope you are happy now,
I don’t care about anything or anyone now,
All because of three words,
Well now it’s your turn to hurt,
Your turn to cry,
Your turn to live your life just wishing you would die,
I hope these words make your life totally blue,
‘I hate you’

33 thoughts on “Your turn to hurt”

  1. that poem is beautiful, it represents the hurt and the heartbreak that most of us have been through at one stage or another. 5 out of 5!

    that’s JORDAN and BRENNAN!
    that’s E X A C T L Y wat happened to me!
    jordan and brennan…
    i still love them!!
    and they hate me!
    for NO reason!!
    and ignore me and give me the cold shoulder
    and the WORST thing is that
    they KNOW i like them!
    its terrifying to walk by them
    i feel like they r plungeing s knife into my heart
    and they r frends…
    even worst…
    and in the same band….
    with the ONE
    WRONG man i fell 4 once
    its SO sad
    and to think that we used to FLIRT SO MUCH
    and used to be frends
    to think just a few words would hurt so much
    for SO LONG
    this is so wrong
    so unfair
    it obviously does not matter to them how much i care
    it makes my day
    to see one of them just take ONE glance @ me
    cuz then i know that least for a secnd
    they thought of me
    and they ever have anything to say
    i’ll alwayz listen
    cuz it’ll make my day
    just to have them talk to me
    just one pleasant word
    i feel murdered
    it’ll make my day
    if one day
    one just so my face say
    “i don’t hate you
    i never did
    Im sorry for hurting you
    and for wat i did
    want to start over?”
    and then time would find us years later
    as lovers…

  3. OH my GOSH!!!!!
    Itz the same thing which is happening with me now a dayz
    a man named HASAN TARIQ
    he is in my school
    first i waz just having a crush
    but now i really love him
    and the main problem is this that he knows that i love him
    thtz y he is too far from me now
    when he didn’t knew tht i love him
    we were having daily eye match and he used to gave me a smile 2
    but now also we are having eye match daily but he does not loves me
    actually he loved another girl
    her name is sundus and she is 1 year younger then us
    she is in 7th standered and we are in 8th standered
    but still i love him b4 he used to love sundus i love him 4rm class 5th
    but now he come to know in 8th standered tht i love him
    and now he just hate me……. he hasnt said me any thing tht he hates me or not
    but still i know he hates me and now
    as dayz are passing by M jus trying 2 4get him
    but still he is my first and last love
    soo there is a message 4 all of my friendz who r reading this……

  4. I saw here “please don't ever love someone”. Hélas, we can't control love. Without love life is not fulfilled; but when you fall in love with someone who doesn't love you or whom you can't love life is fulfilled but your heart is broken. That's life. Imperfect.

  5. U r correct Min tht we cannot control love but
    life is fullfilled without love
    love is totally a waste of time
    it jus gives us tearz N nothing more than that
    if you both love each other then also their will B a problem
    The name of love is “problem”
    Cuz there is never a happy ending in love stories
    every one has 2 sacrifice in this stupid Love
    Every body has to break itz heart in love
    LOVE gives us nothing it just spoil us…
    So0o the better way is donot love and m sure life is much much better with out love
    LOVE is just a waste of time and nothing more then that….

  6. this poem is great. It doesn't make me feel much better about my love life, but i still love this poem. And, Allison, i you ever read this i want you to know that i loved you, and still do. I miss you so much, I miss your face, your hair, your smell, your legs, whats inbetween them ;-). I love you so much. I'm nothing without you. PLEASE COME BACK!! ILOVEYOU!!

  7. this poem rly caught my attention. these were all the words that were trying to escape from me. i hav tried to write poetry but the words woundnt come out. after i read your poem i got this burst to write and I’ve jus finished my first poem. im to shy to post it but maybe one of these days i wil have enough courage to do so. i jus wanted to say thank you for giving me that boost. -always- DaNNii

  8. men suck, one day WE women shall rule over men!
    they will be our servants and world peace will abound,
    except once a month.

  9. Hey all. thank you for your comments. It's great to know people actually like my poem. I’ve lots more. Just havent got round to posting them yet. I will post them someday.
    Catherine <3

  10. Well Karla..I think you’re a skank..maybe not that extreme but close too that extent.
    I mean you love two men and they hate you?
    Good for them.I mean what are you showing men anyways Catherine?
    That we are so stupid and emo we write poems about them.
    He doesn't like you.Anyways
    That’s just my opinion but if we women are gonnao rule the world..
    why are you writing such a fagget poem?

  11. hey Im sorry someone had to go through such a painful thing I’ve been there i know what you mean whatever you do do not let this bring you down just remember from this hurt you now where the crown and when things get ruff which it will just remember this one poem and you will know just what to do
    sarah daniels

  12. this poem is strong, but it seems every poem i write turns out to be something like this. This comment isn't critisizm, its just my reality.

  13. Your poem its so beautifull.I
    I could feel your pain.
    That happen to me too but in a diffrent way.
    To be truful I CRY WHILE I WAS READING your POEM.

  14. Your poem its so beautifull.I
    I could feel your pain.
    That happen to me too but in a diffrent way.
    To be truful I CRY WHILE I WAS READING your POEM.

  15. that’s one of the best and saddest poems I’ve ever read. You must of really been hurt to write something that strong and If it didn’t happen to you then you are blessed with a good talent I just wanted to say I really like your poem and Its a unexplainable feeling when a manbreaks your heart I’ve had it done to me …..welp keep up the god poem writtings there really good!!!!!

  16. i know all the girls comment saying this is how they felt with there ex bf's etc but i know how most of them feel.
    im a manic depressant and my life seems to just want to fade away. everything is my life is goin down hill and it
    all started wen my bf killed himself. he liefted me with nothing i had no one nothing i was all alone in the world and
    then i met ben he was the most kindest lad i ave eva met and he was the best with my daughter that i had with jay.
    then all ov a sudden he left no word y or wat i ad done wrong he just left me all alone with caitlin i had no one my
    mom helped along the way but i neva went out hardly and now i ave got my life back on track and i do all sorts with
    my daughter now. really all you got to think about is number one and in my case it wasnt me it was her but in ova girls
    cases its your selves so dnt cry or wateva just get on with your life you are all young even at 80 compared to those os 101 etc
    ur young even at 80 your young compared to those of 100 so dnt think your life is ova and you must not b here no more and think
    bout killin you self cos in the long run if you do that hu has won certainl not you lot so build your self back up and let ppl no your not as
    weak as your bfs cos that’s the reaosn they break up with you cos they are weak and cnt get stronger until thye no sum one is weaker than them
    love you all all the lasses out there hu r the same as me love yas all love


  17. that reminds me so much of this man ion my school he hates me for no reson and i'm very upset about it! but oh well i guess life goes on right?!?

  18. omg that was the saddest poem I’ve ever read i cryed and icryed that was the bomb out of all the poems i read that was the best it was what every girl has been through thank you for makeing my heart feel so good inside pleaz write back to me so we can talk….

  19. I know how you feel…men think that they have all the power but its not true the girl can have control over anyting they want. They should suffer the consequences.

  20. that’s such a true poem. That same thing kind of happened to me.
    While I was reading it, I was thinking wow! YOu should write more poems!
    By the way, can you make a poem about if someone was your friend but they became more popular
    than you and now they won't speak to you but you want
    to say, hey how come you won't talk to me? I want
    you to be my best friend again, but not in a way where you are running back to them.

  21. I thought this poem was so true except i still
    love this person he is the father of my son
    and my unborn child. Why does it hurt so bad ?
    Why does love drieve you so insane?
    This poem tells it like it really is and who
    ever came up with it did a great job.

    Im sending this poem to all my friends!

  22. oooh girl yesterday me n my ex got into it hard and that poem express exactly how the fuck i feel for him thank keep up the good work

  23. oh this an excellent poem i really felt it when i read it
    it felt like my life but not so much i thought it was
    amazing and so deep i just realized that my whole life
    is flashing beonyd my eyes but wen i read this poem i thought
    wow i cannot let him do this anymoe and its a strong poem
    and those three words are oh so very strong but that’s all i had to say so by

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