Hiding feelings

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She smiles all day
and whenever you see her there’s not a word she doesn’t say.
She’s got a mind of her own and eyes that could light up the dark
but when she’s at  home shes got an angry spark.
Her parents insult her and yell really loud,
and when her brother comes home drunk they seem to be nothing but proud.
They treat her as if she’s a peice of trash on the ground,
and when they piss her off she makes a lot of sound.
She screams, cries, and pounds her fist
and wishes she could just cut her wrist.
She wants to give them a hug and kiss,
but instead she’s empty ’cause they made her like this..

One thought on “Hiding feelings”

  1. It’s such a pain to hide those feelings which could turn our life upside down. I have seen and met many people who use to smile like everything is fine with them but actually when we see through their eyes we could see how much pain they are going through. But need to tell … these people are strong hearted because it’s not an easy thing to be like one of them.

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