Surprise Call…!

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As i saw your name,
Flashing in my phone,
Baby, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My heart started beating faster.
With lots of doubt,
Not knowing if it’s you…

I accepted your call and
Said “Hello” in a trembling voice,
Then and there i heard your voice,
Talking to me after a year…

I could feel the pain in your voice,
Your heart started beating faster,
That my heart stopped beating anymore…

My love…! Always and Forever…!
It’s you and only you in my heart,
I couldn’t speak out a word,
My heart was crying in vein,
And you asked if I’m good!
And baby… How do i say…?
I’m Happy when you are away from me..

Listening to your voice,
I realized you are disturbed,
And also I’m happy that you get adjusted…
But even then, I miss you like crazy…!

With Love <3
Annakuttyudae Antochan…!

4 thoughts on “Surprise Call…!”

  1. missed you alwayz each and every second of my life in this earth…words are not enough to explain my pain……….but alwayzz…will be there somewhere in this earth .. waiting for you….

  2. Wow I experienced the same thing when I received a call last time after my love left me … I went through the same things as you mentioned in your poem … I wished if things could have been better at my side but as someone rightly said … May whatsoever you plan life has different plan for you … just going with the flow . Hope things changes soon … Thanks for sharing …

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