Eveyday Bullied Girl……

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I go to school everyday.
and they always treat me the same.
they treat me like I’m some kind of game.
it hurts y’know?
to go through the pain.
to hear people call you lame.
then there’re the kids that make you want to cry.
maybe i should end my suffering.
im tired of going through the motions.
coming home with bruises on my body.
saying that i fell.
i have no hope than a broken bell.
maybe i should just end it all.
im tired of writing these dark secrets on the wall.
i get some rope.
and tie it around my throat.
but i couldn’t do it.
its not my time.
im not as worthless as a rusted dime.
im going to make it.
one day at a time.
im sticking up for myself.
im not going down.
your not going to run me out of town.
as i write this down I’m letting you know.
this is the thoughts of a everyday bullied girl…….

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